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Keith Campbell
2018-02-14, 00:22
I got a shipment from Mat for an upcoming tour I had and I can not say enough good things. Literally every product is perfect. It’s a product I can honestly say I will use for the rest of my career.
Miguel Ortiz "Titi" - Maluma
2017-11-16, 16:39
Our sound guy met Mat on a NAMM many years ago and he got one of the earlys #4 they released. He brought it to soundcheck the day I told him about this snareweight thing I found on the internet and it immediately became an essential part of my playing.The #4 gives my snare drum the control and the punch I´ve been looking for. Then I added the M80s to my toms and now I cant play without them. I really want to thank Mat for having this life-changing idea. This is drumming innovation right here dont get behind! Get them!
Liam O'Neill
2017-05-02, 17:43
I use my snare weight products religiously, which has lead to me losing them in random parts of the world!! Every time I need to re-up, Mat and the team take great care of me! I legitimately don't gig w/o them! (Especially on a backline)
They've created something really solid. I believe it's the most helpful/effective drum accessory out there!
G Adkins-Move Home/Safekept
2017-04-11, 19:19
There isn't a dampening/control product better than this, anywhere. I have always hated dampening in a live setting for various reasons. Don't want to me mess with tape, moon gels, or dots/tacks. Rings get in the way. I picked up the M80 to try on my snares. Instantly BLOWN AWAY. The drum wasn't dampened, it was controlled.

My snare was slightly more ringy than I wanted prior to using the M80. Now, it's perfect. It's the exact sound I have always wanted. The drum isn't deadened or choked like it is when using other dampening. The drum still sings, but has just the right amount of beefy/bottom end tone. I will never use another dampening product. I am sold.
Brandon Green - Drum Mechanics
2017-02-21, 00:51
Love your product. I've tried lots of snare dampeners and after all of then, yours is the best and far superior. I will be proudly representing your product
Mike DePetrillo DRYVR
2017-02-09, 13:23
This Thing KICKS A**!!!!
Hello Snare Weight....Mike D. from the band DRYVR here...I was talking with Mat Donaldson ( my longtime friend / owner of Drum World in Tulsa) a few weeks back...I just had a new custom snare built for me by SoCal Drums and it is UH-MAY-ZING....(8x14 all Maple stave shell) It's my first stave shell that I've owned...but there was just a little bit of a ring / overtone I wanted to control. We talked about rings and dots, but I really don't care for either. Then he showed me and told me about "Snare Weight" (small leather with the magnets) We put it on a snare in the shop and I was Wow No Way.....took it home put it on my new monster and HOE-LEE-CRAP it's freakin perfect!!! It doesn't choke or mess up the tone, still let's it breathe and continue to hurt people..lol. all the engineers I've been workin with lately have been freakin blown away!! I just wanted to drop a note to thank You for making a product that works! (because there's so many out there that really don't) Also wanted to let you know I'm a HUGE Big Mouth!! So I plan on telling the entire world. We Play a lot of shows...so a lot of folks are going to hear about it...(or not hear...the rings...lol) and see it.
I'm stoked to be part of the extended Snare weight Family.
Thank you, You Guys ROCK!!
Mike D. DRYVR / Silverfox
Ben Roth
2016-12-19, 22:23
Snareweight is a great product and a great company. I've had my die cast pro lock for over 2 years. After a recent tour, it needed some work. I contacted Mat (having never spoken with him before), and he responded to me in minutes. He fixed everything I needed for free, quickly, around the holidays, and shipped it back to me right away. He even included an extra insert for free.

Total props to the company and product. Thanks, Mat.

Ben Roth / Come Wind
Ben Jacoby
2016-12-12, 15:30
With this last order, I now have 7 weights in total, plus extra inserts for the JR. Just like everyone else that has tried your products, I get asked about them all the time, receive complements from engineers, and end up loaning them to buddies for recording. They have truly become an indispensable part of my sound.
James Kalis
2016-10-20, 21:30
My snare sound is something I take pride in as a drummer.. I always need it to sound deep cracky and punchy without too many overtones. Snare weight provides the perfect amount of dampening without compromising the tone of the drum. I use snare weight #4 brass with 70's inserts to add a crisp dark sound which works well with my genre.
Albe bonacci
2016-10-08, 19:53
The Snareweight product line is an outstandingly well made group of very flexible drum contouring devices.
I am very critical of drum sounds and what's more dampening and over dampening.
I'm currently using the #4 on most snares and the M1's on the tom toms and the M80 on large floor toms.
The flexibility is astounding and is not binding or blocking of tone in any way simply an eq in my opinion.
Snareweight does not eat up a lot of valuable real estateon the drum either as I'm a brush player frequently.
I also mostly use brass hoops on my snares and I'm covered via the lock device.
Mat Strickland has thought of everything here and I feel he is not done by a long shot.
I hereby pledge allegiance to Mat and Snareweight!
Scott Schroedl
2016-09-17, 20:42
The Snareweights make my drums sound even more amazing. The drums now have so much more tone and sound more open than using other dampeners. They allow the initial attack to come through, then dampen just the right amount by using the different inserts. They give a very focused and controlled tone with many different options. I love having so many options for in the studio. They are easy to change out. No more gooey mess like I had with those other dampeners, especially when playing gigs in the heat. The snareweight #4 brass are built like a tank! Buy them once, and they'll last forever. I can't say enough about them! I’m using the #4 Brass with the Pro lock and 40’s insert, 70’s insert, and 2 pack inserts on snares. I also use the M1’s on 10” and 12” toms, and M80’s on 16” floor toms.

Scott Schroedl
Altered Five Blues Band, and freelance studio
Dwayne Kiernan
2016-09-13, 10:35
No more tape and goopy gels! The M1 is the best dampening system i've ever used. Instant punch to my snare and toms! Great in the studio, they almost work like a natural gate. Also if you have to use someone else's kit live you wont piss off anyone by clipping on a few of these. I haven't tried the big brass jobs yet, i'm just completely sold on the m1s. Cant wait to try the m80!
Chris Ace
2016-09-08, 04:27
Don't hesitate. Well worth the purchase. Will definitely save you time and energy, especially for the throw-n-go festival slots. Brass #4 with 70's
Torsten Bugiel
2016-09-02, 07:49
All the snareweight products i know are outstanding damping solutions. You can achieve an amazing snare sound without loosing a nice crispy or - if you want - killer attack and depth. I use the #4 and M1 in different studio and live situations and i always have a M1 snareweight in my stickbag. I will try out the M80 and juniors asap :)
I love this stuff - killersound but no soundkiller!
Matt Schulz
2016-08-28, 17:12
Like all Snareweight products, the M80 is ultra versatile and ideal for snares and larger drums where more attenuation might be useful. I mostly use it on my 14" floor tom and can easily change the sound of the drum from song to song in a snap. So long sticky gaffer tape and lint covered gels!
Joshua Jaeger
2016-08-25, 21:49
I got so tired of tape and tissues and sticky moongels. Not to mention the fact that I always felt like I was chasing a sound and a feel that I just hadn't found yet. Once I started playing with the Snareweight M1 it was like everything clicked. The M1 offers me the perfect amount of dampening and tonal control without having to sacrifice any feel. My favorite feature is that you can quickly change the amount dampening on each drum, or whether there's any dampening at all. It's great for times that you need to switch quickly from a dead snare to a more open one. It's like having three snares in one!

If you've been playing the M1, you've gotta try the new M80. Same idea but bigger and better.
Toby Dundas - The Temper Trap
2016-06-23, 14:10
Just got some Snareweights and i couldn't be happier. I'm using an m80 on my snare plus another on my 18" floor tom and I've been experimenting on my 13" rack with the M1 using 1 or 2 or (half sides of 2). The overtone control is fantastic and my drums are really singing in a pure and focused way. These little beauties are a real game changer!
Jake Garland - Memphis May Fire
2016-05-23, 16:31
Just got the chrome Snareweight #4 for my bell brass snare, along with the 70's inserts, and it has perfected the way my snare sounds! Previously I've used a gel or two and those just get messy or occasionally still don't get rid of that tiny bit of annoying ring..
With the actual weight of the snareweight on the head, plus the 70s straps, the huge sound of my snare is still present, but completely gets rid of all unwanted ring, and sounds perfect in my in-ear monitors as well as out front! My sound engineer and tech love it as well.
Kyle Adams (@kyleadams on instagram)
2016-05-10, 13:45
I have been using the Snareweight Jr. on my Angel Hoop'd drums and its fantastic. Kills the overtones just slightly without killing the reverb of the drum. I also use the normal size snareweight on my 18" Floor Tom to help kill some of the overtones as well and its perfect. Won't leave home without it!
Christian Dorn
2016-04-14, 22:50
The snareweight has allowed me to not only get a super consistent sound night to night, but it's allowed me to travel with less because for the first time I can get all the sounds I need out of 1-2 snare drums on the road. For this I'm ever thankful. The less gear that's under a bus or in a trailer, the better!

One of my biggest issues with dampening in the past was not being able to find anything that could handle show after show. In the Texas heat, during festival session, every gel I bought would be a puddle by the end of the night. I love that I never have to worry about heat or things like that anymore.

And the inserts are not only user friendly, they really do cover the whole dampening spectrum. And the 2-3db of compression is making the engineer inside of me freak out...why didn't anyone think of this earlier?!? My in ear mix has never sounded better and the snare weight has allowed me to EQ my snares in a really sensitive way both live and in the studio. It's allowed me to get a superior sound at the source.

-Christian Dorn
Trevor McCarty
2016-04-04, 19:18
I absolutely love the Snare Weight Brass. I've played it out several times and every time I've played it I've got compliments on how incredible my snare sounds!

Thanks for making a total B.A product my friend!
Dickson Alier
2016-03-22, 14:02
I received my Brass Snareweight yesterday just in time for practice and I can easily say that it was worth the money! Immediately I could hear a difference in my snare's tone, attack, and resonance. It almost seemed like a completely different drum! The hand written letter included in my package just made my whole experience so personal and friendly, Mat was so kind and he even sent me an extra leather insert! Now that's customer service! I can't wait to add more Snareweights and leather inserts to my collection, I'm hooked! I'll definitely be a Snareweight user for life and I'm excited to see what they come up with next!
Douglas Richardson
2016-03-18, 21:21
Snareweight chrome, brass, and the M1's are excellent. Every drummer who is doing live sound/recording/ or just conscious about getting great sound out of their drums should pick these up. I would dare say that these are more valuable than a particular pair of sticks / head type if you had to choose.

I originally used Snareweight when recording with Dryw Owens and I was blown away. Since then I have picked up a chrome and a M1. I have had about 10 sound guys come up to me now and ask me what the chrome weight is. Moral of the story, these will make your drums sound great and help highlight your playing by making the drum tone stand out among the crowd.
Danny Young
2016-03-18, 17:19
Not only does the snareweight work AND sound better than all other options... it will not wear out like the competition!! Not to mention the versatility you have to change your snare sound with the amazing selection of inserts. It works perfectly, it looks sharp, it's easy to use... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!? It's really an incredible product and is SO very worth it!
Randy Rose (Rose Studios)
2016-02-28, 06:04
I am completely blown away, I have made a living recording, and producing for years, and until now the"voodoo"one would have to do to get a fat dead/controlled studio snare/drum sound was horrific, the tape, the gels, the mess, until my friends at SNAREWEIGHT solved this situation. They took an artistic approach, with workhorse functionality, this is the most versatile drum dampening product ever that has hit the market, so much flexibility, and just think.. no more destroyed sticky drum heads, thank you guys, you nailed it, I use the Chrome Snareweight #4 with the 70's Inserts on my snares, and the M1's on my toms, Thank you Snareweight - My new innovative Drum Dampening System -
Michael Tyahur
2016-02-20, 15:23
Hey Mat! Got my brass Snareweight #4 today and man am I impressed, this thing makes my c&c player date sound more beautiful than it was to begin with, thanks for your help, with such a quick turnaround
Peter Preibisch
2015-11-23, 09:24
The M1 is an ingenious little device: subtle and adjustable dampening in the blink of an eye. And it sticks to the drum where you put it, no mess, no residue - even during transport.
Forever gone are my days with Moongel & Co.
All the best from Switzerland,
2015-11-14, 07:25
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Liam O'Neill
2015-11-03, 18:46
My whole Snareweight experience has been incredible. The product is undeniable both live on stage, and in the studio. Not to mention Mat and the crew are extremely knowledgeable of the product and some of the nicest dudes around. I'm constantly asked how I achieve such great tone/balance out of my snare, and the answer always starts with "have you heard of Snareweight?" Keep it up guys!
Bennett Ford
2015-09-19, 02:50
I want to thank you so much for your brilliant mind creating this genius product. All the sound engineers I work with love it, it's my secret weapon to a deadly snare sound.

Mat, we've been working together for three years and you have never let me down. Thanks so much for taking care of me, glad to be apart of the Snareweight team!

- Bennett
Austin Lane
2015-09-15, 14:18
Well done Mat, after playing for more years than I care to admit to, recording , playing and touring with Seven, as well as magian the Drum Dept at Absolute Music, the M1 is without a doubt the best snare dampening device there is.
Look forward to selling them in the UK, and using them on the next album.. Thank You
David Latimer
2015-08-27, 04:25
I just purchased my second M1 Snareweight. These things are hands down the best snare drum mufflers i've tried. It doesn't make the head lose it's rebound like many other mufflers that sit on top of the head. Gives me a nice fat tone without an unnatural feel...Great invention, I'm sure I'll be buying more for a few more of my snares. Plus the clips stay on the hoops. Killer!!
Click Da Cosigner
2015-07-07, 17:25
mat!! you are the man!! and absolutely brilliant for thinking up this amazing product!! you thought absolutely everything through MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT!!!! ...and to all who live to play!!!! if you are a serious drummer and continuously focused on searching for that perfect snare sound that suits you the "weight" is over!!!! do yourself a favor and buy snareweight TODAY!!!! you will not be dissapointed!
Mark LaMontagne
2015-06-20, 02:38

Ever since I my weight last summer, it hasn't left my snare. I haven't done a single gig or session without it. You have created something revolutionary in the drumming world. I'll never get rid of my weight. Love it!
Tallus Scott
2015-06-01, 19:44
These Snareweights are tha bomb!! Been using them live and in the studio with great results. I've even had sound guys sniffing around my kit asking about them post soundcheck. Great products and looking forward to the next batch of ideas from this crew!
Mitta Norath
2015-05-22, 04:34
Thanks so much! Love my new Snareweight. I saw other audio engineers using them and swearing by it, thought id give it a go myself and SO glad i did. Vastly improved the tone of my snares, dried up overtones without killing the resonance of the head. If your thinking about buying one go for it, you won't regret it at all. Mat even sent me synthetic inserts instead of leather when i requested them, what customer service! Lovely guy and very easy to deal with, couldn't recommend his service and product enough.
Another happy customer all the way from Australia :)
Kevin Jimenez
2015-05-07, 03:51
Bro! This product is incredible. My buddy who is a percussion major at my University really digged it as well. We compared a brass snare with no dampening, the snare weight, plastic ring dampeners, moon gels etc. The snareweight had the best tone and response. I cannot wait to purchase the rest of the catalog.
Doug Yowell
2015-03-31, 04:12
I've been using the snare weight on all kinds of recordings as well as live. I absolutely love it! I have the 70's leather magnetic pieces and you should try experimenting with all combos. Either both, the left or the right. It all effects the sound depending on placement. It's a genius product and I've recommended it to all my drumming buddies.
Peter Clunie
2015-03-14, 00:42
Thanks for sending me the Snareweight so fast. I'm in love with the Snareweight Jr! you guys make a amazing product and i'm keen to see what's next. Keep up the hard work and keep making a killer product :) :)
Toni Cuenca JR
2015-02-27, 17:53
Just in love with the snareweight i'm using since last year, it allows you to get differend tones on the same snare, and making it sound much better even if it's not an expensive snare, all my support to Mat, he changed everything about dampening, something that most of professional drummers must have in their mind bescause sound is also the personality of a musician, so sure that the snareweight is going to improve it!
Phil Snider
2015-01-03, 19:13
The Snare Weight is an excellent gadget. I use it wherever I play. I even love the case it comes in. Love the sound it gives my snare and the personal note from the creators when delivered.
Jack Espinosa - The Exchange
2014-12-30, 00:22
Hey Mat,

Wow! That is all I can say in regards to this product. This snareweight sounds amazing! I got it in the mail and was immediately amazed at the quality of the product. The machined brass is immaculate, and the leather inserts and 70's pieces.

I messed around with the different inserts on my brass snare, and found many different awesome sounds. I threw it on during a recording session and the engineer said "wow, what did you do? the snare sounds amazing now!". I'm excited to tour with this, and I hope to be a long lasting owner of snare weight! You should try making a travel/heavy duty carry case for the weight, inserts, and 70's strips for us touring fellas, I would love that! Thanks again mate!

JC Lamson
2014-12-16, 19:38
Hey Mat:

Just got the SnareWeights in...


The quality -on all levels (Machined Brass, Pop-open case, etc) is incredible -only surpassed by the sonic quality! I haven't tried all of the leathers, nor the 70's mutes*

Being a small business owner -for 33 years- I really appreciate it when I see attention to detail, customer service and impeccable quality. It's evident that these are the corner stone(s) of SnareWeight.

As mentioned, I'm giving one set of these as a gift and trust that Greg will appreciate the SW as I did!!! As well, I work with several local studios in the Lehigh Valley of PA and plan on bringing the SW's along to the various sessions. Hopefully you'll hear from some local studios!

Please keep me in the loop as you continue to develop the SnareWeight line and any other drum products.

*I have a Rogers COB Dyna-Sonic that's had an inherent ring that I've had to deal with since 1976 (bought it new with a Ludwig Clear Vistalite kit) -can't wait to try the 70's on this snare! I KNOW it will resolve the problem...
timmy (the duke) jones - for king & country
2014-11-09, 16:26
dude. this snareweight is incredible. I love it so much. I was so friggin excited to open the box and play with it and attach the different flaps in there. thank you so much for sending it. makes my snare sound the way I have always wanted it to. if you don't have one already, get one. and if you already have one, get another.
Whalley - Backline tech
2014-10-16, 21:00
Got a good story for you.

I was setting up back stage at a festival in the summer and a bands (cant remember the name) drum tech was setting up as well near me so I passed him the weight to try it out. The drummer for the band saw us playing around with it and came over to see what we were up to and instantly fell in love with it. When I eventually took it off him to put it back on the kit I was setting up his exact words to his tech where "get me one of those ASAP, I feel naked and exposed now!" Haha. This actually lead to the drummer telling his tech off for not already knowing about snare weights and having one in his tech case. Haha.
2014-10-08, 22:21
Love it !!!
The best for me to get a great fat snare sound :)
Shawn Zorn - Twin Forks
2014-10-08, 18:08
I'm crazy about the snare weight. The 70's inserts do such a great job of toning down unwanted overtones on my snare drum while still maintaining the right amount of ring and tone. It's quickly become an important part of my sound night after night. Don't leave home without with thing!
Kasey Todd
2014-10-07, 04:51
Love the snare weight! I use it on almost every live gig, and is great in the studio. The different inserts allow a wide range of sounds. Great product!

Kasey Todd
Independent - Aaron Goodvin - Jace Everett
Andy Clements
2014-10-05, 06:16
Mat, you have made my day. been using the snareweight for a few weeks now and honestly it has been a total game changer. thank you so much. gonna have our photographer get some shots with dan for you. honestly I will never use MOONGEL again.
I love the versatility of snareweight even though the drums are close mic'd and the boys are on inears i have found that the acoustics of the room require more or less dampening which is great news for using this.

really really enjoying this mat. you legend.

Andy Clements
You Me At Six - Drum Tech
Buddy Gibbons
2014-10-02, 06:35
I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of the Snare Weight at first. I like an open tone out of my snare drum, so I tend to stay away from damping of any kind. However, because I do a lot of studio work for TV/Film here in L.A., I'm often asked to add a little tape or a wallet to my drum to achieve a certain sound. In the time I've had the Snare Weight, I've been able to tailor the sound to suit the producers that I'm working with, as well as keep some of the open tone that I like to hear. The Snare Weight is more than just a "muffler", it actually adds a certain "heft" to the sound of the drum... almost like a compressor... and I've found that I'm using it with the standard insert almost all the time. Thanks Mat! You've made my job easier!
Mike Levine
2014-10-02, 01:22
Want your drums to sound perfect? Then buy a snareally weight. BEST INVENTION EVER
2014-10-01, 19:17
Very cool product and will become a part of your routine within days of using the Snareweight. Thank you Mat!


Nicholas Ley - Colourmusic, Flaming Lips
2014-09-30, 19:38
I've been using my Snareweight for nearly a year now and I can honestly say, it's the most versatile drum accessory I own. And because of that, it comes with me to every gig and recording session. To have the ability to change snare sounds (depths, heads, you name it) within seconds from a tool that fits in the palm of your hand is priceless. Do yourself a favor and pick one up now!

Oh, and don't sleep on the inserts... they each have unique impacts on your sound. Get em all and mix and match.
Aaron Edgar
2014-09-30, 16:23
I never thought something would basically replace moongel for me. I've been using that for probably two decades.... Then the snare weight came along. I have one with me at ALL times. This is a mandatory piece of equipment for all drummers!!!
Jayden Mason
2014-09-30, 08:44
I just received my snare weight and I must say the design of this little gadget is superb. I play alot of metal so messing around with the different inserts on the snare is out of control cool, the 70s patches even kill it! easy to use and makes my snare drums sound thicker. I cant wait to use this live/ in studio, Great little piece of equipment.
Adam McMillion
2014-09-26, 01:34
Genius design and packaging. I am using the Pro Lock for diecast and it fits perfectly over the rim. I can eliminate unwanted ring with the smallest insert and I get super fat sounds with the 70s flaps. Works great in the studio as well when overtones can be annoying and time consuming to get rid of. I'm a fan!
Evan Frank
2014-09-26, 00:54
I was lucky to get one of the first Snareweights (I think it was # 0034!!), about 3 years ago. It was ALWAYS on my snare. I tune my snare very high, and without the snareweight the ring could be very annoying. As it is, I get compliments all the time at gigs about how great my snare sounds. It's got a wonderful throaty crack, without all the over ring. I am hooked. Sadly, I lost my old friend at a gig recently, but already have a replacement. The next generation. The quality is still there with some added features.
I highly recommend this device, and will continue to use it in all my projects!!
Max Adams
2014-09-23, 18:08
Just wanted to let you know that I used the Snare Weight at Studio 606 in LA all last week. Everyone loved it and my snare never sounded better.
James Meslin
2014-09-16, 14:42
I used the snare weight with 70s leather yesterday on a session and wow! The session drummer and I were both floored. Instant perfection. Took all the unwanted tones and rings out, but retained the life of the drum. Extremely necessary tool for my drum recordings now.
Aaron Taylor
2014-09-15, 18:10
I picked up the Snareweight (and all of the separate inserts and prolock, etc.) a couple months ago, and I'm totally loving it! I did some recording yesterday and when we were listening to the different and several takes we recorded, I couldn't help but love the snare drum sound that I was getting. I've been playing for a while and I've always wanted to get a really nice fat snare drum sound for when I'm playing within the rock genre, and I've finally found the perfect combination to get that sound - one of the biggest factors is the Snareweight! When I was listening to the raw unprocessed recordings we got, I couldn't help but notice how beefy the snare drum already sounded! Thanks for an awesome product!
Rena Beavers
2014-09-11, 04:41
I have been using my Snareweight for about a week now and from the first note I fell in love with it. I even change out the inserts on different tunes through our show at times, although one will work on all our tunes. It is just nice to have THAT much flexibility without removing?adding tape etc.
My Snareweight will go with me EVERYWHERE from now on. Thanks Mat and Snareweight!
Crick Butcher
2014-06-22, 00:37
The single handed best drum add on ever. A must have for any drummer. Gives your snare the perfect sound everytime!
Evan Murphy
2014-05-28, 22:13
Loving the snare weight- received it last week with the 70s felts and got to try it out for its first gig. It's awesome live, and I already know I love it in the studio. thanks so much!!

Rob Whited
2014-05-26, 20:36
My good friend and bad ass drummer pal, Nathan Warshowsky recently turned me on to a snare dampening system that really knocked my socks off.Snareweight! Nate put me in touch with the genius inventor and all around wonderful dude, Mat Strickland. I promptly ordered one up and got to give it a whirl yesterday. Honestly, I was floored. The drum remained tonal, massive and never choked. Regardless, of the insert that I used. Each insert is unique and creates a different sound. Forget gaff tape or mylar rings. This is the answer if you need some snare dampening in your life. It's also very affordable. I got the weight and all of the inserts shipped to my door for around $80. It works with triple flanged or die cast hoops! Recording engineers and live engineers will love you and your drum will sound epic. They'll probably even thank you with a hug and a nice cold beer.

Garth Pollock
2014-05-26, 20:35
I rocked the snare weight the whole time! My snare has NEVER sounded so good!!! Thank you mat!!!!!

Miles Fulwider
2014-05-26, 20:32
My snare weight arrived lastweek. It’s amazing! But you already knew that. Thank you! I am looking forward to getting my hands on the tomweight!

2014-05-21, 00:00
I showed up to a gig with a house kit that had a decent snare, so I didn't bother unpacking my snare, but still threw my weight on it, the sound guy was shocked and said he had never heard his drum sound that good.

Justin Russinko
2013-12-13, 00:00
Hey guys this is Justin R from NY. Just got the snare weight and I absolutely love it. Thanks so much me and my band take one car absolutely love the new tone. We've been fighting with my snare for sometime and the snare weight really brought much needed control to it. Thanks again!

Gary A. Faul
2013-12-13, 00:00
I have been using the Snareweight in my studio for over a week, and I must say that it is fantastic. I am amazed at how it eliminates the overtones, but does not completely kill the sound of the snare. I am finally able to tune my snares low without the overtones that I usually deal with. It is like having my snare arsenal doubled because of the almost limitless tuning options.

I am also impressed with the quality of the Snareweight. From the packaging, storage case, and materials used for the inserts and theSnareweight itself, everything was top notch. Customer service was fantastic and I would like to thank you for the extra thumbs crews and personal note you included with my package.

Congratulations on a great product and I wish you all the best with your endeavors. You have made me a huge fan of the Snareweight.

Jeremy Morrissy
2013-12-13, 00:00
"Already had two drum sessions and the drummers (and myself) love it! No more need for copious amounts of gaffa tape etc. haha. Will recommend this to all, even if I live in Australia."

Adrien Gagne
2013-11-16, 00:00
The snare weight is "UNBELIEVABLE"! I already knew where was the "ping spot" on my snare, so I placed the snare weight at that spot and "wham-bam/thank you mam" tha ping was gone... I still moved it around the rim, also varied the head tension(although I like a "fat" sound) just to hear how IT would perform... Not only am I a user but I will have some friends over to listen! Thank's again MAT., take care... :-)

Isra Batista
2013-09-26, 00:00
"Just got the 70's , my honest opinion: they are amazing!!!
Now i can tune my snare very low without having the overtones , just that solid crack at a low tunning."

Matthew Anastasa
2013-09-06, 00:00
Hey dude! I just put in my order for my snare weight 2! I had another studio session yesterday and felt lost without it! Lol even Rickey Medlocke my producer noticed right away and ask what happened to it? Haha. I'm hooked man.. Ill be keeping this by side for when I'm on the studio and on the road! Congrats on making a brilliant product.

Matt Anastasi
2013-08-23, 00:00
Hey man! The last 3 days in the studio were great.. I absolutely love the snareweight.. It literally worked perfect. The engineer loved it and Rickey Medlocke who's producing the album loved it as well.. It's a brilliant piece!

Lemuel Hayes
2013-08-21, 00:00
I put the snareweight with the 70's Beef flaps on there and WHOA. WHOA. So the hard part about muffling this drum has always been that you lose way too much high end on the rim shots and they end up not adding any additional cut really. There was a perfect amount with this setup. It made a noticeable difference still and was perfect. Some people knew I was using something new and said they really thought it was amazing. I had a number of people that had no idea I was doing anything different that came up to say "your snare sounded amazing tonight man."

Mark Toohey
2013-08-20, 00:00
Your product is on The Impossibles next record!!
It will be out before fun fun fun fest in November.
Thanks again for being a good dude, doing good things!

2013-05-22, 00:00
"first impression...a quality build and great packaging.....i can guarantee one thing....this will solve the issue with my dog eating the moon gels off my snare head!! hahaa..."

2013-04-09, 00:00
I have been using the Snareweight for the past few months and really love it. Don’t know if you have done a review of it for the magazine, but I think you should. It’s really kick ass. I use it at the show, and always bring it with me to sessions.

Joe Cox
2013-03-19, 00:00
Hey dude.
This Snareweight is incredible. Everybody over here always asking about my snare sound and how they get one! It’s constantly being carried around with me.

John Mory
2013-03-19, 00:00
Mat, my Snareweight #2 is absolutely awesome on my beautiful C&C custom snare. Brass rims sounded hollow. I just couldn’t get the sound exactly where I wanted until now. Thanks bud!

Kevin Brown
2013-02-19, 00:00
…”The tone that it creates is killer! I’ve been trying it out both in live and recording situations and it gets a noticeably different sound from moon gels out of any snare. Metal and wood drums get a noticeably punchier and more focused sound compared to moon gels that sounds way great.”

Matty Amendola
2010-02-10, 00:00
Dude! The SnareWeight is dope! It kinda gives you best of all worlds in regards to dampening your snare. The snare doesn't lose any natural tone whatsoever and I love it's flexibility. Being able to move it around so that I can still get a little ring out of the snare, while keeping it tame is fucking brilliant. It really does compensate to make the snare sound fatter too, unlike other dampeners that do the complete opposite. This would be my go-to dampener for snares. I can't wait to use it under mics where I know I'll hear even more of a difference!

Let's touch base in a few days after I've played with it a bit more. I'm kinda swamped with everything but playing drums right now, but it's on my snare and it'll be on there throughout the week and I will have a session at some point. Btw, LOVE the cigarette style case. Brilliant.

Key Features

Permanent snare drum damper solution


New piece of drummer hardware

Detachable mass soaks up the ring and adds punch but keeps the high end


Choose a side of the removable leather insert like a treble switch on an amp

Slide it like a dial to quickly hone in to your sound


Buy different inserts to match your favorite head

Weighted and painstakingly balanced to make the right contact


Insert attaches to global magnet which acts as a spring to meet head